We share passion and dedication
for shaping future’s
comfort and safety

One of Trocellen’s major strengths is people.
Those talented colleagues, who turn their skills and motivation into real value.
Their diversity and dedication make us unique and successful.

What is your superpower?

Building the future

At Trocellen we create lasting and high-quality solutions that improve the safety and comfort of people. In the design process and in production we prefer eco-friendly methods, new generation material solutions, easy and safe use and performance that is steady and reliable in the long term. Our production and business activities are based on stringent principles. We strive to maintain mutually beneficial and fair  relationships based on equal treatment both within and outside the company, and we also consider the interests of local communities.

Developing together

We believe that development is the most efficient when the goals and interests of employees and employer are aligned. When recruiting new colleagues, we consider skills and experience, and also individual  ambitions and personal plans for the future. This and the annual appraisal conversations allow for career paths, trainings and positions to be adapted to the individuals. With their motivation and continuous  development, our employees drive the development of the company.

Taking care of people

The physical and mental wellbeing of the employees is a top priority for Trocellen. Our health and safety protocols and regular trainings and checks supplement our efforts to optimise the work environment,  machinery and production processes so that we can provide the safest possible environment for all our employees. We also strive to support health awareness and mental wellbeing and to facilitate a constructive workplace culture.

MyTrocellen Story

Róbert Virágh
Product Development group leader

Put your heart into your work. I’m lucky enough to get to know the products of the future before they are created. This position is almost all about new things (new technologies, new products), so I’m not simply doing my job, I’m putting my heart into it, and I’m growing.

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MyTrocellen Story

Detlef Grossmann
Head of Logistics and Data Protection Officer

I have been with the company for almost 39 years now. Because of the good relationship with my colleagues and great cooperation within and among the departments, I still enjoy being here and hope to retire from here.

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MyTrocellen Story

Szilvi Básthy
Digital Marketing Manager,
Marketing Manager at BU Insulation

I’ve always been driven by the desire to build and create new things.

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MyTrocellen Story

Györgyi Illés
Payroll specialist

Over the past 30 years the company has become a part of my life—and it is still offering new challenges.

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MyTrocellen Story

Andrea Kunné Vörös
Logistics assistant

31 years, 3 positions. I love that at Trocellen I experience both change and stability.

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MyTrocellen Story

Diana Azliza Binti Amat Azhar
Human Resources & Administration Assistant

Working in a good team is always a good feeling, but doing this at a trustable company, this is gives me my work-life balance.

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MyTrocellen Story

Poobalan Nagappan
IT & Administration Executive

Belonging and being part of a winning team.

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MyTrocellen Story

Isabell Hürten

The Trocellen group is multi-culti – it is fun to have the exchange with different colleagues of different nations beyond the own country border.

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MyTrocellen Story

Zoltán Horváth
Production and Technology Manager
(Polifoam, Hungary)

Studying and the time and effort you put in your work always pay off in the right environment.

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Employee care

Employee wellbeing

Happy and healthy employees are what make our business thrive.

Health and safety

Safety comes first for everyone at Trocellen.

Flexible working

Tailor-made to every employee.

Training and development

We love to see our employees grow!

Supportive environment

Comfortable Infrastructure and Amazing Company Culture.

Loyalty rewarded

Loyalty is noticed, celebrated and rewarded.

Open positions

Operaio/a turnista Trocellen Italia SpA

Il ruolo assicura l’esecuzione delle attività produttive nel rispetto delle tempistiche previste dall’ordine di lavoro in conformità alle specifiche applicate, utilizzando ed ottimizzando le attrezzature a disposizione nel rispetto delle direttive aziendali e delle norme di Qualità, Sicurezza ed Ambiente.

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Auszubildenden „Industriemechaniker“ (m/w/d) Troisdorf, Germany

Die Trocellen GmbH ist der führende Anbieter von Polyethylenschaumstoff-Lösungen in Europa. Mit laufenden Innovationen und erfolgreichen Partnerschaften verfolgen wir ein großes Ziel: mehr Schutz und Komfort für den Menschen. Wir sorgen dafür, dass Menschen sich wohl fühlen, indem wir Schaumstoffprodukte herstellen, die zu ihrem Schutz und Komfort beitragen.

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